Virtual Assistant: Intro

Office Manager

These series of articles are based on several sources, the primary source is a podcast show that was produced by Cliff Ravenscraft in 2010 about the same topic, and he granted me approval to use its content in my articles, so thank you Cliff.

The reason behind these series of articles will be to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to know what does the Virtual Assistants do, and how we can help Business Owners become more productive and profitable.Basically the VA “Virtual Assistant” is an entrepreneur who provides administrative, creative assistance to their clients, you can consider the VA as virtual employee of yours, who doesn’t work in your office, who may not even be in the same city or country you are in.

The core of a VA’s practice consists of administrative or clerical tasks. However many VA’s offer specialized services such as marketing, website development or maintenance…etc. VAs come from a variety of business backgrounds with several years of experience (minimum 5 years) in the administrative and clerical tasks.

For small and medium business owners the whole idea of starting and running a business by themselves and all the things that goes into it requires a lot of hard work, long working hours every day sometimes up to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, accompany that with the financial restrictions they face in the first few years, can be very exhausting.

Putting this insane number of hours every day doing the daily administrative tasks to get the job done, prevents the business owner from focusing on what really matters that is growing the business, making it more profitable, and generating income, sometimes business owners may hit a ceiling in income generation, due to the current way they are running the business, and adding extra hours to the day is just not an option.

The best option in this situation is to become more efficient and do things differently so you can focus more time on your business instead of in your business. This is where a VA can be of tremendous help; assisting with the day-to-day routine tasks that takes a lot of time, while Business Owners start investing time in income generating.


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